Fascinated by culture, inspired by the nuances of lights and shadows, and fulfilled by walks in nature

Nothing makes me happier than meeting different people and building genuine relationships. After years of being a dancer, my passion for storytelling shifted from the stage to my camera, and it’s been a dream ever since. The magical way that weddings have filled my life with warmth and laughter made me want to become that one person that documents all the beautiful, cherished moments. My greatest goal is to capture the depth of every couple’s unique love story, and I would be honored to be the photographer that preserves yours. Grateful for your curiosity, and hoping to see you on the other side of my lens – cheers!

Your new friend,


As a wedding photographer who deeply cares about human connection and the hidden stories that make us who we are, I strive to capture every little detail that fills the pages of your story. From the ambience and architecture to the gentle touches and brimming tears, I document your love so you can relive the moments of your special day, always.

digital + 35mm film photographer