Oh, hi! I'm Sunny :)

It's so nice to meet you!

I am a sunset obsessed, people loving, tan-skinned Los Angeles-based photographer!

I believe our world carries so much beauty EVERYWHERE - in the neon pink clouds, in someone's smile lines, in the golden light glimmering through the wavering leaves, and so much more.

I love that photography gives me a chance to capture those beautiful moments that lets me feel so much joy. Not only that, I love how it allows me to meet new people, hear their unique stories, adore their beauty (without feeling real creepy), and help people feel the most beautiful and confident in their own skin! I love being a hype woman :D

Currently, I am a student at UCSB studying Sociocultural Linguistics. Living by the beach while studying people... Truly living my dream and I'm grateful for it every day!

Montse V.

"My session with Sunny was amazing! I’ve never been quite comfortable in front of the camera but she made it feel so natural. I really loved her genuine compliments throughout the session, they really helped to ease my nerves and smile more. The session was planned just before sunset and with different locations but best of all were the candid pictures Sunny captured of me and my friends. She knew just when to sneak some candid shots of us and it made them all that more special. You won’t regret working with Sunny, I highly recommend!!"

Sunny H.

“Sunny was perfect! I had such a fun and comfortable shooting session with Sunny. She was both friendly and professional during our session! I loved how well Sunny listened to me during the planning process, which gave me the space to speak out about what I wanted to see for my graduation pictures. Sunny also cared for and eased me up for my first professional shooting session which made me feel comfortable in front of her camera. She is also great at directing poses that showed my best face and figure! I am beyond pleased with the service and how unique and different my pictures turned out in the end.”